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Quarterly Report

Complaints Management Policy For Learn Africa PLC

This Complaint Management Policy (‘the Policy’) has been prepared pursuant to the requirements of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Rules Relating to the Complaints Management Framework of the Nigerian Capital Market (‘SEC Rules’) issued on 16 February 2015 and The Nigerian Stock Exchange Directive (NSE/LARD/LRD/CIR6/15/04/22) to all Listed Companies (‘the NSE Directive’) issued on 22 April 2015.

This Policy has been prepared in recognition of the importance of effective engagement in promoting shareholder/Investor confidence in the Company. This Policy establishes procedures by which Learn Africa Plc (‘the Company’), its Registrar and Company Secretary will effectively manage and resolve complaints from shareholders. It also provides the opportunity for Learn Africa Plc’s shareholders to provide feedback to the Company on matters that affect them. Our commitment to fair, equitable and timely resolution of complaints is described in this Policy

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